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Bad Advisors Book

Bad Advisors: How to Identify Them; How to Avoid Them

bad.advisors.right.page.cover.350This might seem like an odd book to have on our website, but we believe very strongly that most advisors giving insurance and/or financial planning advice are not doing the job they should be when helping their clients.

We could give you our opinion specifically, but the Bad Advisors book does a terrific job in explaining the limitations most advisors are burdened with (knowingly or not).

We are also confident in the advice we give which is in line with what this author could consider “good” advice.

We provide a copy of this book to all potential clients who are serious about hiring a firm (ours) to help them grow and protect their wealth. If you are interested in working with our firm and obtaining a copy of this book, please e-mail info@wealthpreservationproducts.com.


Bad Advisors is an insider’s look at advisors that will help readers:

  • Identify financial planners who are forbidden by their broker dealers from giving you the “best” advice!
    Identify insurance agents who are forbidden from selling you the “best” products available in the marketplace!
  • Understand why fee-only advisors have a conflict of interest that prevents them from giving you objective advice!
  • Identify various sales systems designed to help advisors sell products and services that are NOT in your best interest!
  • Identify classic errors attorneys make that can cost you and your heirs hundreds of thousands of dollars!
  • Learn about the bonuses and sales incentives many advisors are offered that often taint their advice!
  • Understand why most CPAs, EAs and accountants do NOT provide proactive advice to help you save on your taxes!